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  1. Hello Jessica,

    Dorry to write in this comment box but couldnt find a way to email you. I was doing research & came across your blog. The goodies you created (Crunchy Speculoos Balls) are in-sync with a new healthy snack food line I'm developing to be launched for funding.

    The snack line will be marketed to health conscious consumers/health stores & follow dietary guidelines such as gluten free/non gmo/soy free/dairy free/vegan. I want to keep each snack item less than 6 ingredients to make it simple.

    I will be developing/launching 3-4 different flavor options & I have the concept down & a good idea of the ingredients used. However, I need
    an experienced recipe developer/baker to help create/refine/modify the recipes & assist with cost analysis & control.

    I would enjoy collaborating with you as your current skills & nutrition focus seems to fit the overall vision of the snack line. Do you offer recipe development & nutritional breakdowns?

    Do you have any experience w/ food cost control & production, as well as chosing ingredients based not only on taste but staying w/in a food cost range?

    I'm an entrepreneur & I do have a set budget w/ everything. But I'm sure we can find a common ground & work out a mutually beneficial compensation amount. If you work a certain way pls let me know.

    I'm seeking to have the 3-4 recipes completed w/in 2 weeks but I understand its the holidays so Im flexible.

    Thank you kindly & I look forward to your reply,

    Lara ( pfi-intl@usa.com)