24 Hours in the Sequoias

The "Big Trees" first caught my eye on a nature documentary I was watching a while back. Like with most natural beauty I learn exists, I can't seem to rest until I go and see it with my own eyes. There is a lot of unrest going on over here - my list of places to explore grows exponentially each day. The Ken Burns documentary on National Parks that I am working my way through right now is almost too much for my adventure seeking heart. (Haven't watched it? Go watch it.) I almost got in my car the other night to drive to Yosemite so I could start hiking half dome at sunrise. (Still might. If you are reading this Scott, be prepared!) Anyways, back to the Sequoias! After getting back from our week-long adventure in June I immediately started planning for a Sequoia National Park trip in July. What was suppose to be a 4 day trip got turned into a whirlwind 24 hours due to Scott coming down with the stomach flu. However, we still managed to see some breathtaking beauty (Scott insisted on still hiking into Muir Grove despite his fever and nausea. Huge adventure partner points.) and I cannot wait to return and explore the Mineral King and Cedar Grove areas. 

Lodgepole Campsite


Sleepy eyes.

I spy a wee green tent in the forest.

Hike to Muir Woods.

One more patch down, 55 to go.


  1. That is so beautiful!!!
    I hope to get the chance to do that one day, It looks like such an amazing adventure!!
    Love your blog xx

    1. Thank you so much! And I hope you do too, it is amazing what kind of wild, massive beauty is out there!