Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mogollon Rim

There is nothing quite like the smell of pine and feel of cool crisp fall air. We needed to get out of the city and away from our jobs for a night, so we chose to explore the lovely and serene Woods Canyon Lake at the Mogollon Rim. What an escape. The five mile hike around he lake was just what we needed to engulf ourselves in nature. Our only neighbors at the campsite were chipmunks, squirrels, bluejays, and elk. Yes, huge elk that decided to come right through our campsite! Scott officially built the best campfire ever, and I got to see a squirrel jump from tree to tree above me (my favorite animal!). The freezing temperatures at night were well worth it for this month's escape.

Exploring Woods Canyon Lake.

Oh hey, elk!

Warming up with a cup'o'tea.

I spy something blue...

Campfire time.

I spy our little tent...

Morning campfire.

The Mogollon Rim.


  1. nice place... where is this exacly? looks like a place where you can totaly disconnect.

    1. Above Payson, AZ. Look up Woods Canyon Lake, Mogollon Rim! Beautiful place.

  2. What camera did you use to take these amazing photos?

    1. Aw thank you. It was a mix of just our iPhones and a canon point and shoot. Nothing fancy ;)