Lone Rock + Zion

Its hard to believe that just a little over a year ago was Scott and I's first camping trip together. It was here at Lone Rock State Beach, Utah, that our major adventure trend began, and so we returned once more a year later to this magical, peaceful place. This time, my family in Phoenix joined in, driving up in their motorhome to keep our little tent company. 

The drive to Powell from California was incredible. I'm all about the drive. I want to SEE as much beauty as possible. Whether it be by foot or through the car window. This drive did not disappoint. There is definitely something special about the southern Utah / northern Arizona dessert. 

Shout-out to the awesome couple over at RopeSouls for making rad sandals perfect for desert adventures. 

Our first night and the following morning we had some crazy winds and chilly temperatures. Luckily it eventually warmed up a bit and we were able to enjoy the lake with the kayaks Scott and I rented + my parents jet ski. Sadly the water level was down about 150 feet this year, so there were no canyons to paddle down in our area, but that did not stop us from exploring nonetheless. Even if we had come to Powell for only the sunrises and sunsets it would have been enough. There is something mystical about this place at dawn and dusk.

It was freezing out on the water but I wanted to get yakking. No shame.

After two days at Powell, it was Sunday morning and time to drive home. But not without a stop at Zion to hike deeper into the Narrows again, because why not! Onward… Ho!

Until next time, Zion. 

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