Thursday, August 9, 2012

Orange County

A few weeks ago, Scott and I took one of our most common (and loved) trips to Orange County, California. It's where I'm from, as well as both of our families are from, and where we hope to move back to very soon! It will be hard, leaving this 115 degree weather and all (total lie, get me out of here!), but I think we will survive.

Snacking on watermelon at Crystal Cove State beach, swimming in the ocean off Thalia Street in Laguna, and watching the surfers from Huntington Beach pier were some of my favorite activities. Not to mention some awesome vegan food finds of course! I naturally packed a cooler full of healthy snacks for the trip, including the raw trail mix cookies pictured above (recipe to come soon!). But I had been hearing about this place called Bruxie in the City of Orange, so I took Scott and I there one night and we both fell in love. While Scott got a very not-so-vegan Bruxie waffle sandwich (haha) I managed to get one pretty close to 100% vegan and it was delicious! The only questionable part was probably some dairy in the waffle batter, but I had balsamic mushrooms, spinach, and sun dried tomatoes sandwiched in between my fluffy and savory waffle and was in heaven! 

ULTIMATE vegan food find was definitely Native Foods Cafe! I was so excited when I saw there was one in Fashion Island and just had to try something. So I got the Saigon Roll with spicy peanut dipping sauce - and I must say it was delicious. They had so many other amazing sounding dishes on their menu I cannot wait to go back and try more. It is a 100% organic and vegan restaurant, and I believe they have other locations in the US, just sadly not in Arizona. 

Trip Favorites
Huntington Beach (I grew up going to this beach, will always be my favorite.)
Thalia Street beach in Laguna
Crystal Cove State Beach
El Ranchito Mexican Restaurant (Huntington Beach location is the best.)
The City of Orange (Cutest city ever, could walk around all day.)


  1. Native Foods is one of my new favorites!

  2. Make sure not eat the rice at El Ranchito if you are vegan or vegetarian.

  3. Did you try Au Lac in Fountain Valley? It neighbors HB and is my favorite when I'm in SoCal